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About Me

ARKje Arkeje-Design Astrid Reuter Künsteler Mixed Media Künstlerin Deutschland Online Kurse

I am a mixed media artist from Weingarten, Germany. I have a Masters in Architecture & Sustainability and a Diploma in Interior Design. It is my passion to be creative in many ways. Before starting my dual studies, I first trained as a carpenter. Love for wood and creative work done with my hands have always satisfied me. Besides working as an architect for several years, since 2019, I have concentrated more on the visual arts and discovered my passion for mixed media. I just feel like now it is all coming together.

My Work

... what fascinates me

is the beauty of reflection that can be seen in faces. Mostly women, their look slightly melancholic and at the same time self-confident, telling their personal stories. Combining and experimenting with all kinds of materials and techniques is part of my personal freedom,  a freedom to always do what I feel like doing. And by layering paint with textiles, adding thread and paper, the pieces are gaining a new dimension.

Let creativity run free!

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